Hello feature of Windows 10

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It looks dream to unlock window by recognizing face/iris/ fingerprint, now it’s possible with the help of Windows hello feature. What do you know about Window hello feature? Will the Window hello feature allow the users to unlock a Windows 10 device by recognizing a face, iris or fingerprint?  Also, please let me know about the new facts and features of Windows 10.

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Hello feature of Windows 10


Windows hello is making windows 10 more personal and more secure. You can unlock your windows 10 device by showing your face or touching your finger or iris with windows hello. There will be plenty of exciting new Windows 10 devices to choose from which will support Windows Hello. If your device already has a fingerprint reader, you’ll be able to use Windows Hello to unlock that device. For facial or iris detection, Windows Hello uses a combination of special hardware and software to accurately verify it is you – not a picture of you or someone trying to impersonate you. The cameras use infrared technology to identify your face or iris and can recognize you in a variety of lighting conditions.

Features of Windows 10:

1. Start Menu Returns

2. Cortana on Desktop

3. Xbox App

4. Project Spartan Browser

5. Improved Multitasking

6. Universal Apps

7. Office Apps Get Touch Support

8. Continuum

9. Action Center

10. Unified Settings / Control Panel.

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