How do i install XAMPP?

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I have a big problem in my computer. I have install xampp in my local pc but xampp hasn't install in my pc. So, Please anybody perfect solution first to last about xampp?

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How do i install XAMPP?


Hello Mehedi,

Installing xampp on your computer is easy. You will need to follow the steps below:

  • First check your computer specifications, whether it is a 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • After that go to the internet and download the version of xampp that is applicable to your computer specifications.
  • Once the download process is complete, double click on the setup file to start the installation.
  • Make sure that you check the Apache, MySQL as well as filezilla because they have to be installed for xampp to work.
  • Wait for the installation to finish, and then start xampp.
  • It should execute without any issues.

Hope this helps.



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How do i install XAMPP?



Try to uninstall the xampp on your PC then follow my tutorial so your problem will be solve.

1st step:

Download the latest xampp.

2nd step: After downloading Run the xampp installer.

It will let you choose on what language you will need to use Select English.

3rd step:

Choose the folder path where you want to install the Apache then click Next (recommended C:xampp).

4th step:

Check the checkbox and choose in the list on what service you will need such as MySQL service etc.

5th step:

Just click yes and it will execute the control panel.

6th step:

This is the control panel for xampp click start and check if you want to run and install any services (example Apache).

7th and final step:


Type http://localhost/
Then click English and its done the xampp is successfully installed.
(note: if you are using Windows 7 make sure when you install you are running as Administrator).
Hope this tutorial helps.
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How do i install XAMPP?


From which OS are you trying to install XAMPP?

To install this on Windows PC:

1. Download XAMPP software from here

2. Double-click the file you just downloaded to start the installation.

3. Choose a language from the menu and then click OK.

4. Click Next twice.

5. The XAMPP options will appear. Check other features that you want to come with the installation. Then click Install.

XAMPP options-install button

6. Then click the Finish button.

7. Click Yes to launch the XAMPP Control Panel. It will let you start and stop the Apache Web server and MySQL database server.

  Click Yes to launch the XAMPP Control Panel.  

8. If you are prompted to start the Apache and MySQL, click to start the web server and MySQL database server.

9. Open your browser, and then type http://localhost/.

10. You can see a shortcut called XAMPP Control Panel when you have successfully installed XAMPP on your computer.

That's it.

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