How do I get Windows Media Player to Stop Lagging?

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Whenever I try to play a video I have saved on my computer, it glitches. I know it's not the videos themselves, because I've been able to play them just find on other computers. For some reason, Windows Media Player keeps lagging both the audio and visual in a way similar to when a DVD's trying to play a movie when it has dust on the disc. I've tried rebooting it, and then back on again and returning it to its default settings. What's wrong? What should I do?

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How do I get Windows Media Player to Stop Lagging?


Hello Catherine!

There are different ways to eliminate the Windows Media Player Lags. You can try on of the steps illustrated below or you can try all of them to make sure that this will not happen again.

Removing unwanted programs in your Startup.

1. Go to Start menu >> type “msconfig” and hit “enter” key in your keyboard.

2. Go to Startup tab and remove the check marks of the programs that you don’t want to run after booting your computer. This will give you more space and gain more speed in your system.

Update Driver and Software. Updates can calibrate your system’s performance. It will provide you fix and bridges the missing parts of your programs.

1. Go to Start >> Control panel >> click Device Manager.

2. Drop down the arrow under Audio Inputs and Outputs.

3. Right click in each of the devices and select >> “Update driver software…”

4. Do the same procedure with your Display adapters and other control devices.

Turn off temporarily your anti-virus software to release the memory space that can be used in your operation. If you don’t need to use your antivirus, it is advisable to turn it off for any specific time.

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