How do I get rid of america online 90 on the system?

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I decided to remove america online 90 for some reasons. One, the installation process downloaded and installed all sorts of things. It used my cable modem connection to access the service, where in fact I just wanted it to dial up. And even when aol wasn't running, there were three AOL-related tasks running that would not be killed (which is quite troublesome). In addition to this, there was an aol task-bar icon which doesn't have an "exit" option, so basically how to remove america online 90? Anyone please help. Thank you.

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How do I get rid of america online 90 on the system?



Hi Lee,

AOL as previously known as America Online have gathered a low rating and several negative reviews from the user around the world.  I have found similar question as yours from this website

It also provides the procedures on how to get rid of America Online 90 or AOL 9, so I believe this solution will work best for you. You may visit the page by going to this link and follow the step by step solution.

Best of Luck!

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