How do I get NetBeans and JAVA work with Linux?

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Hi, I’ve encountered a problem with netbeans I could not run them with my Linux. I have just shifted to Linux from Windows and I want to install Java in it. I preferred to use Java in lieu of Eclipse because I am already used to how it works and I am comfortable with it. Some features of Eclipse are not my type and I have trouble adjusting with it. Aside from that, I also could not open Eclipse so I preferred to install Java app. But I could not open .class files and .java files using Java I used to work like this in my Windows. I am wondering why I also cannot use netbeans. A program ran through it is just null and void. It has all but blank space. I have installed a new version of it to ensure all is not outdated but I still get the same error. Any help I can get will be deeply appreciated. I really need to work with my projects now.     

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How do I get NetBeans and JAVA work with Linux?


Hello Ben.

To install Netbeans IDE on linux please perform the following steps: (Performed on Fedora 7)

It needs Java SDK 1.5.x or higher so first install the java sdk and the JAVA_HOME in the environment variable in the .bash_profile file.

Download NetBeans from:

The downloaded file will be like this: netbeans-x_x_x-linux.bin

Make the file executable:     $chmod +x netbeans-x_x_x-linux.bin

Run this file using command:  $ ./netbeans-x_x_x-linux.bin

It will open the launcher. Accept the license and click next.

Select the java version you want to use with the IDE and specify the path where you want to install the netbeans IDE.

It will install the files in the selected folder. To run the NetBeans IDE, go to the bin directory and run the command:

$ ./netbeans

Hope this helps.


Gothman Paul

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