How do I create fountain effects in the flash cs3?

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I'm just a new user of Flash cs3, and I need to finish a project.

I just want to know how do I create a simple fountain effect/s in flash cs3?

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How do I create fountain effects in the flash cs3?


This all depends on conditions what type of fountain you need you can create it either in sequence of frames on timeline or you can also choose code for more and better result.

It simply depends on your requirements.

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How do I create fountain effects in the flash cs3?


Hi there,

Creating a fountain effect in flash Cs3 should be pretty simple. It's as easy as creating a simple flash document, with the colors you prefer. You can follow the guide from Adobe's archive with this link:
What is important is how you would set a timeline like a photo gallery of all the flash documents you created, to make it move and create the fountain effect. These are the steps on how to do that:
1. Open a new document and set the size by clicking on "Properties" and "Size" and enter your preferred width and height.
2. Create 2 layers wherein the top layer is the display image and the bottom layer is where the thumbnails will be placed.
3. Create a frame for each image and click on the thumbnails layer. The number represents the number of images in your gallery. Just right click and choose "Insert" and "Frame."
4. Set your background color or you can choose and image as the background layer by choosing "File" and "Import to Stage."
5. Open the images you of the fountain colors you created and resize each to fit the photo gallery.
6. Now choose frames one by one and rename each, dragging it on to the Flash window and proper position.
7. After you have done this, jsut select the first keyframe in the image layer, choose "Windows" and "Actions" to show the action window and enter this:
{gotandstop(1);}; Repeat the code for each frame.

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