How do I comfortable use Google Chrome with Windows 7?

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Hello everybody,

I am using Google Chrome Browser with windows 7 in my desktop. It was working well but yesterday I was login in my Gmail account, then I try to open and read all of unread message but the message was not open. How do I solve this problem?


Donna Davis

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How do I comfortable use Google Chrome with Windows 7?


I think it has nothing to do with your browser. It has something to do with your internet connection. Slow internet connection won't open some sites that are heavy in graphics or JavaScript. I myself encountered also that I cannot open my message from Gmail because of slow internet connection, but in Gmail you are allowed to view their site in pure HTML which not requiring high internet connection. For you to do that just refresh Gmail page(or press F5) then click “Load basic Html” at the right bottom of the page. (See image below).

But if your internet connection is OK, try to clear browser history then try to open again your inbox.

Good luck.

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