How do I capture screenshots of Learning PERL eBook?

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Hi everyone.  I'm reading the Learning PERL eBook with FBReader.  How do I capture screenshots of Learning PERL eBook?  My desktop is on a Windows XP 64 bit system.  Any help and suggestions would be highly appreciated.  Thank you.

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How do I capture screenshots of Learning PERL eBook?


Hi edward

There is Actually two ways to capture a screenshot for a eBook/files/documents viewed in FBReader the first one which is the easier is to capture the screenshot using two thing your keyboard and the mouse see it’s easier,the second one is taking a screenshot using a special program.

So let’s start with the easy way which is the first one i mentioned,well you open your file/eBook in FBReader  then on your keyboard you press « Ctrl + Print Screen » buttons,then open your paint program or MS power point and right click on the mouse « paste »,after that you can resize the image or modify it as you want.

The second way is using a special program for capturing screen shoots,usually you find this kind of programs a lot in the internet and most of them are available for free downloading but i recommend you to use the first way.

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