How do I burn pictures from my computer onto a CD?

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My computer doesn't recognize the CD or something, and I drag the picture file to the CD drive, and a window pops up and says, "Please enter a disk into drive F" (or E). What other way could I get the pictures onto a disk (or is that the only one)?

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How do I burn pictures from my computer onto a CD?




I am sure that the CD writer worked fine sometimes back.

However, there can be many reasons why the CD is not burning now. To troubleshoot the issue, first of all check whether windows is recognizing the device as a writable drive or not.

To perform this check, open My Computer, and on the CD drive right click.

On the dropdown menu, click on properties, and notice whether there is a tab on the top called Recording or not (See picture below)

DVD RW Recording

If the option is present, then the issue is with your hardware (Cd Writer) and it may need cleaning / repairing

If the option is NOT present, then you can either use the Microsoft default tool called Fix IT from the site.

Or you can manually try to edit the registry.

On the run menu type: REGEDIT

On the registry editor thus opened navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerCD BurningDrives

Click on it and then click FILE, and click on export, and export the file to your desktop. This file may be used to restore the registry if something goes wrong

Now further navigate to: Drives – volume (GUID) for example Volume {427b4ac6-ba70-11df-8687-806e6f6e6963}

On the right side of the pane double click Drive Type

In the value type 1 if you have a CD writer, and 2 if you have DVD Writer

Click OK

Close registry editor

Now again check the option mentioned at the start of this answer.


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How do I burn pictures from my computer onto a CD?


Hi Sudeshnt,

What program are you using in your CD Burner?

If you don't have the program yet, then download it to the internet and find the software for your hardware in order to Burn your CD. If you drag the file to the drive F or E while there's no active programs for your CD what happens is the computer could not recognize this command, I suggest you don't do these steps the best way is to use the program on your CD Burner then Run it and use the application.

Just like NERO for an example where it is easy to use burning files such as Pictures, Mp3, Movies etc. You can also try to install your drivers in your CD Burner maybe it will work so that you will need to download a software to your CD Burner. If your drive is not functioning then unplug/plug the CD Burner then checks if it is detected.


Tony Stevenson

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