How to Disassemble a MacBook

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Do you know How to Disassemble a MacBook? I have a MacBook and want to disassemble it. Please give me some information.

Thank you.

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How to Disassemble a MacBook


Put the Mac book on the table facing down and disconnect the power cable. Insert your spurge into the battery lock, turn it to the right, the battery will pop out. Take it and remove it out of the battery bay. You will see “L shaped” brackets located at the top of the battery bay, remove them by unscrewing the screws holding it and take it out of the bay.

You will now need to take out the memory modules and hard drive, after you have removed the “L shaped” bracket above, a metal lever or two will be exposed, they are used to lock the memory modules in place, just flip the over and the memory module will come out, by holding them on the sides, slid them out.

You will see the hard drive located on the left side of the battery bay, hold the plastic tab and by pulling it away from the Mac book, it will free the hard drive and it will slide out.

Now you will need to remove the top cover, first you will have to unscrew the screws inside the battery bay, the ones at the bottom and on the edges too. Pry the top cover off the base of the Mac book starting with the corners and lift the cover up slightly then disengage the trackball cable from the motherboard.

Unscrew the optical drive and disconnect it from the motherboard, you will see the display cable which you also need to disconnect them from the motherboard. In case you find it difficult to access the display cables, loosen the cables using your Spurger.

Just below the display cable, disconnect the hard drive cable and unscrew the screws securing the speaker cables in place, now holding the cables out of the way you will see one final screw that needs to be loosened before the optical drive can be removed , once you removed this screw, remove the drive by lifting it up straight.

Now you need to remove the Airport Extreme Card which is located on the left side of the motherboard. The card is connected to the motherboard by three cables, disconnect them and unscrew the two screws securing it in place and by lifting it up straight, remove it.

Next are the battery cable and the battery board that must be removed. Unscrew the screw securing the battery cable in place, unclip the retainer clip and disconnect the battery cable. Take out the battery board by unscrewing the two screws securing it place.

There is an inverter cabled connecting the display to the motherboard, disconnect it and unscrew the screw on the vent assembly, the screw holding the black speaker and the one on the silver metal clasp on the right of the Mac book. By lifting up the tab on the vent assembly using the Spurger, pull out the silver metal clasp.         

Located in the battery bay is the iSight cable, disconnect it and unscrew the screws securing the display cable in place. After removing the screw on the display hinges, remove the display assemble from the base of the Mac book.       

On the right side of the motherboard is a Bluetooth board, remove it using you Spurger to pry it up and disengage the cables connecting it to the motherboard. Now remove both right and left speakers by first disconnecting the cables connecting them to the motherboard, unscrewing them from their place and lifting them out of the Mac book base.

On the upper right corner of the motherboard is the fan assembly, unscrew it and using the Spurger, pry the fun assembly and disengage it from the motherboard. Net to the fun assembly is the heat sink, unscrew it from its place and disconnect the temperature sensors connecting it to the motherboard and pry it up and off the motherboard with the Spurger.

Now unscrew the two screws securing the motherboard bracket in place on the top left corner. Slightly hold it up and disconnect the MagSafe cable connecting to it and unscrew the remaining screws securing it the Mac book base. More information about dissembling a Mac book can be found on this link on YouTube:

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How to Disassemble a MacBook


I totally agree with the steps as they have been mentioned above in dissembling a Mac Book, but just to let you know that you should be aware of every part that you are opening, how you can put it back together and what function it carries out or contributes to the performance of the system.

Why I am saying is because any slight mistake, like connecting a cable to a wrong socket, messing up the motherboard, or forgetting to put back an important component like the processor will render the system not workable, and therefore leading to other expenses that you will have to use for repairing the Mac book. So just be cautious of every part and every component that you disassemble from the Mac book.

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