How to detect keyloggers Mac?

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Hello experts,

How to detect keyloggers mac?

I am using mac operating system in my hp desktop computer.

I just want to know if how will be able to detect keyloggers in a specific unit of computer with a mac operating system.

I want to get rid of keyloggers to protect my privacy.

Thank you.

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How to detect keyloggers Mac?


Hi Benjamin,

If you want to detect the Keylogger in your Mac PC just follow the following steps:

1. First of all download Tripwire program. This software will alert you whenever important configuration files are changed by keylogger.

2. Download any firewall software like Little Snitch. This type of software alerts you whenever any program tries to connect to internet. It will stop the keylogger to send data through online.

3. Install a spyware software like MacScan.

I hope this information will solve your problem.

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

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How to detect keyloggers Mac?


Hello Benjamin,

There are several ways to know whether anybody is recording your keystrokes via keylogger or not. Given below are the ways to detect whether your Mac is infected or not:

Method 1:

1. Open your "Applications" folder and select "Utilities". Select "Activity Monitor".

2. Look for any unfamiliar processes that are going on. Keyloggers usually use names that sounds legitimate. Even critical system processes have names which might sound spooky. So do a thorough search on the internet before terminating any process.

Method 2:

Download firewall programs like Little Snitch to block any unwanted connection which keyloggers might use.

Use the link to download.

Always use anti-spyware detection programs like MacScan and Internet Cleanup.

Never hesitate to spend a few bucks to protect a great deal of data.

Hope this advice comes in handy.

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