How to create salary Slip in MS-Excel

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I want to make a salary sheet. I want to do this by creating salary slip in MS-Excel. How to do that? Please experts, show me the guide line.

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How to create salary Slip in MS-Excel



There is no hurdle to create salary slip using MS Excel.

1.       Open the Excel sheet and the date in the excel sheet; the data of all employees, their salary, account number, name, etc.

2.       Now open print preview and set the margin area and paper style of the pay slip.

3.       Now close print preview. You will see dotted lines on the sheet for the printable area.

4.       Within one page of the print able area, assign the first row of the database in the sheet to distinct locations on the excel page.

5.       When done select the entire page and drag below to get each page with data of the database.

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How to create salary Slip in MS-Excel



Hello Corey Finnerty, To make a salary sheet in MS- Excel you will need to the follow:

  1. First get together all salary information need for the spreadsheet (job titles, employees pay rates, and salaries)

  2. Next you will need to start on your Excel sheet and add all job titles in a column (remember to leave a cell empty underneath so there's enough room for pay grades of every employee)

  3. You will need to create a column with the salaries to go along with the employee's pay grade. ( Remember everything needs to be in one row starting with job title on to the last which is salary.)

  4. Now you will need to create the following titles in columns: for salary if its going to state weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or annual amount.

  5. You need to add the formulas in the cells and you will see the sums beginning show in the selected cells.

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