Functions and Formulas in Excel, how they differ

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What is the difference between a function and a formula in MS Excel? Do they help in performing similar tasks?Where do I find the functions available in Office 2007? What is the usage of the COUNT function? How is it different from the COUNT IF function?


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Functions and Formulas in Excel, how they differ


Hello Ayannahana,

A function is a method through which you can do some particular tasks in Excel, the tasks can be calculation, analysis, mathematical or can be logical or can be sorting in ascending order or descending order. Some example of functions in Excel are Autosum, IF, CONCAT etc etc. 

A formula in excel is simply a function with its arguments in braces. When we use a function in excel on a specific cell in worksheet, then we put values as arguments inside braces which is beside function name. As an example if we need to know what is the total of cells A11, A12, A13, A14 and the result should come on cell A15 then we put function SUM at A15 cell and put arguments like =SUM(A11:A14). Now this SUM is a function and =SUM(A11:A14) is a formula. The difference is a function is a method which we use to make formula, and formula gives us the accurate results by using the arguments given on function braces.

Functions and Formula are interrelated and performs same task for user.

In Excel 2007 you will get Functions under Formula tab on action pane you will get Functions available to choose for your work.

Count is a function that basically counts the number of cells which have values in an worksheet. If you give =count(A11:A13) and click enter then it will give result as 3 if all cells have values.

Count If is the function where you can count cells based on some parameter or criteria, as an example =Count IF(A11:A14, ">=200") this will return counting results of cells which consists 200 or greater then 200. 



Derick Harris.

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