How to create fire paint shop pro?

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Hi guys,

How to create fire paint shop pro? There is a Paintshop pro software installed in my laptop since I think almost a year and I did not try to use it even once. But now I would like to learn and make an experiment about photo editing. Can you teach me how to draw a fire in Paintshop pro application?

Expecting some help, thank you.

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How to create fire paint shop pro?


Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us. You want to create fire paint shop pro. To create fire paint shop pro you have followed these steps;

1. First of all open Paintshop pro and press control+n to create a new image.

2. Set: 800×600, 72.000 resolution set black color, 16.7 million colors.

3. Select airbrush and set these settings:

4. Set shape:Round, Size:255, Hardness:20, Density 100, opacity 100, step:25.

5. Set the background style to Black-White gradient and then check invert gradient.

6. Right click in the center of 800×600 image. You should now have a big gray looking sphere.

7. Select Paint Brush tool.

8. Go to tool option and then set the paintbrush tool to match these settings:

9. Shape: Round, Size: 32, hardness: 0, Opacity: 100, Step: 25, Density: 100

10. Go to the color palette and select white color as the solid background.

11. Right click several times in the center of the sphere. You should now have a sphere with a single bold.

12. Select retouch tool and set it to match these settings.

13. Shape: Round, Size: 20, Hardness: 0, Opacity: 100, Step: 25, Density: 100, choose smudge on the bottom drop down menu.

14. Now, click and drag from the middle of the sphere out to make the shape of a flame. When you come out with a flame shaped gray image go on to step 15.

15. At the top of PSP click Colors – Adjust – Curves and match the settings shown in the screen shots in the next 4 posts.

Remember, your fire will not look like mine does in the window until you've done all of the last 4 steps.


Sunny Thakur

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