How to Create a Document Template in LaTeX

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I want to create a template for journal articles in LaTeX. How do I get started on this journey? How should the layout be done to ensure that everything will work out just alright, when it comes to the actual write-up? What should I take into consideration when doing the template?

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How to Create a Document Template in LaTeX

You have a file in a document which is 'test.tex'. The 'Tex' is an extension. so you need to stick with it. Normally you will need to follow some steps for each document.
* Type test with Latex markup code in text editor:- Create 'test.tex'.
* After that you need to Run 'latex'. You will get the 'test.dvi'.
* 'test.dvi' can seen in preview.
* If you want to change in your latex file, Go back to step one
So you had created your latex file. When you want to compile the source code with latex. Before that you need to installed MikTex. 
This program will be create your 'test.dvi' file. Where 'DVI' is a "device independent". 'DVI' is a binary file that can sees by some special viewer.
"Miktex" has installed. It is just as viewer which is called by 'yap'. If you want to view the document, you need to type 'yap file name' and get the result.
"yap" is called as at another previewed'. 

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