How to create css designing notifications?

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How to create CSS designing notifications?

Just like in Facebook notification program, I am very interested to know if the CSS can handle notification programs.

I would like to make some experiments in my new forum website and add a notification bar, if you know some online tutorial please let me know.

Waiting for your support,

Thank you.

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How to create css designing notifications?


Hello Kimberly Walker,

To Create a notification bar you need enough knowledge on CSS. You can also make it with HTML.

As you want to Create notification like Facebook notification you have to go through the attachment which i have attached here. 

You can also go through the link where you will find the video tutorial that can make your work easy.


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How to create css designing notifications?


There are lots of tutorials that you can find on the Internet. But you can use the attached .css and .html code for a simple notification like the image below. You can modify it on what the look you want to see.

The CSS code file is a language where you can edit or modify of what will be the presentation of your website or notifications. You can set here of what color, font style and size, positions even the height and width of your work.

The HTML code is a language which your text, images and other multimedia documents will be located. This is the file where can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.

But if you want to make your notification messages more appealing or modern use query code array.  With this, you can control what the notification messages should show. You can also have dynamic heights for each message which you will not indicate it on your css code.


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