Download Links and Install Acer Webcam Driver in Linux PC

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How to install acer web camera drivers for linux? Linux operating system is just new to me; my friend recommended and install this operating system in my acer laptop. However, it is hard for me to install some drivers because I cannot find the proper location of the applications. Can you help me along the process?


Greqory Gregory.

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Download Links and Install Acer Webcam Driver in Linux PC


Hi Gregory,

First thing you should do is install the driver. driver are modified with different models that can be used with all of Different Operating System. If you have formatted your laptop, there is a Installation disc together when you bought your laptop, if not included, buy to nearest software shop in your city which is the drivers for the laptop. If you are unable to buy, just download it in the internet for free. Just type your laptop model then include driver download. E.G. ACER Aspire 1 drivers download. After Downloading, just install it in your laptop. Then it will work. If not, It is necessary to Install a software/application for webcam like Youcam by cyberlink and others.

Hope this information help.

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