How to Create applications for iPhone

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Does anyone can create an application for iPhone and what is the software needed like the SDK software of Android?

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How to Create applications for iPhone


If you already have an app idea in mind and would want to start right away on creating your very own iPhone application, here are a few simple tips to get started

 •  When you develop apps, you need to use the latest version of the iOS SDk software and the XCode. (The XCode is an integrated environment that has features that includes a GUI and a source editor). If you don’t have it yet, You can download it for free on the App Store on your Mac ( When you download the XCode, the iOS SDK software is already included)

•  Enroll in the iOS Developer Program. When you’re enrolled in the program, you have the advantage to test apps on devices and distribute your apps. Aside from that you have all the additional references you need while creating your own iPhone app.

•  You need to be knowledgeable or at least know the basics of Objective-C and Cocoa programming (This is the language the powers all of Apple’s framework and applications)

•  If you’re just getting started, You might want to read all about the basics from the iOS Dev Center Library – There you can find a lot of Getting Started articles and a step by step guide in using the Xcode environment

•  Also, One of the most important things to keep in mind is to know the iPhone User Interface and its capabilities – So you’ll know if your app works well with the product.

•  You can also download the iPhone GUI Photoshop Template to save you a lot of time in designing your app lay-out and have a clear picture of how your app would look like.

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How to Create applications for iPhone


Hi there , 

I think you need help regarding setting up of iPhone apps or IOS apps and the SDK info.

Yes, There is a SDK environment for development and there are methods to publish your iPhone software too.

Just like android but i think android programming is more cozy that iOS.

You can download and get all the information regarding the IOS SDK and other relevant information from this official website

You need to sign up to get access to their more features and more services.

You can download and make it for free, but you have to pay some money to get your iOS app published.

Good luck.

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How to Create applications for iPhone


Thanks Durante Dokate. 

Your solution is very detailed. I know now what I should learn first before engaging in making my own app. 

Thanks! I'll study everything I need to learn in Apple Apps.

Thank you also Lesten Pasio. 

Thanks TechyV!

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