How to countdown mov in QuickTime?

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Hi there.  I would like to make a QuickTime movie clip with the classic number countdown at the beginning.  Can someone teach me how to countdown MOV?  I have QuickTime 7 on a Windows XP 64 bit Sp 2 system.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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How to countdown mov in QuickTime?


Hi Fernando W Alvarez,

In order to make this you'll need some video editing software. Windows Movie Maker can do that. IF you don't have it installed in your Windows you can download it here: Windows Movie Maker Download.

Also the best say to do this is to create 10 images. First starting with 10 and last with 1. You can use Microsoft Paint to do this which you already have installed along with your Windows.

Add the images to Windows Movie Maker and start working. Here is a good starting tutorial for Windows Movie Maker:
 Microsoft WMM Tutorial.

Here is also a good one in pdf format that you can easily read: Windows Movie Maker Tutorial.

After you make your movie in order to make it a .mov you need to use a QuickTime codec and compress it into a .mov. You can find the code on this website. Quicktime codec

You will sure need to learn a lot but I gave you some starting tips which will hopefully be helpful to you.



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