How to alter laptop language? Japanese to English

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My sister bought a VAIO laptop at japan, and she brought it in here at Philippines for us to use it.

The OS is Windows 7 (Japanese version).

I bring it to the computer maintenance to convert the laptop to English version. But it doesn't change at all.

Some of the folders are still in Japanese language.

I don't have any idea on how to set it into English language.

The classes of my niece will be start on next week. She needs to use the laptop for her studies.

She can't read Japanese language, and she's not yet familiar with everything in the computer.

Anyone knows how to setup the language?

Hope to hear something from you guys.


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How to alter laptop language? Japanese to English


Hi fellow Kababayan!

Changing of the Operating Systems language is not easy as you think. There is an option in your control panel to change Language settings, but I think that the thing does not fix your problem. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems installation disk has been released based on the language on the area where the license software was released. Like for instance, most of Microsoft Windows 7 release on Japan is in Japan Language.

It might be possible also that Microsoft released other language or maybe English language in Japan. In the Philippines, Microsoft products release are in English Version although there is a Filipino Language on their option, but still the language is in English because English is the Philippines secondary language.

Not just the Microsoft Windows where release in other language. Microsoft products like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and many more are also released in different language.

Buying of license software requires your language for you to understand the interface of the product. So if you buy ad Japanese language of Operating System, you must expect that the interface comes with Japanese Language. Settings for Language in Control panel will give you only changes of language just only on some parts of your operating system but limited on menus applications and folders.

Anyway here’s how to change the languages settings in your computer or operating system. This is for Windows 7 operating system:

  1. Click the Start button on your task bar.
  2. Click the Control Panel on the Start Menu.
  3. Under the control panel window, double click or click the Region and Language.
  4. In Region and Language window, select the format tap.
  5. On the Format Tab, there is a label named Format on the top, just below the Format label, the drop down list.
  6. Click the arrow down on the right side of the drop down combo box.
  7. The drop down combo lists, select “English (Republic of the Philippines)” or your desired language.
  8. After selecting the Language, do not change other settings, select just the language.
  9. Then click apply.
  10. Then finally click the Ok button.

Doing these settings, will not change folder names, Microsoft Office Applications language, Windows title, Start Menu labels and almost everything you have installed before.

This best solution for now for this kind of problem is to acquire a license Microsoft Windows 7 in English language package. Besides, the operating system installed in your LapTop which is the Japanese version, the license is valid only on Japan. License was release based on the territory where you are. For example, you are not allowed to purchase Microsoft Windows License on the United States and bring the installation disk in the Philippines and install. This process is illegal.

The best option is to purchase new Microsoft Windows License in the Philippines and install it into your laptop. Of course you need to purchase another license for your Microsoft Office products.

I’ve heard that Microsoft also supports Multi-Languages to their products. What I can’t be sure of is does your folder names and menus will change to English language? Better to refer on Microsoft web site about this.

You may contact your laptop manufacturer’s support also if they have the support for this kind of issue.

If you are near in my area, I have one solution for you. It is hard and impossible to discuss the matter here that’s why I can’t give you the ultimate solution.

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How to alter laptop language? Japanese to English


Hello Dwight,

First of all my suggestion will be buying a licensed window 7 and install that of course English version.

This will be the best way to solve this problem.

If you are not interested to do that, than install a multilingual user interface in your laptop.

In this link you can get it.

 And install that in your laptop just by double clicking.

Now for changing the display language, go to the control panel. Select clock, Language, and Region, In that window select the display language. Now select the language you want to use and click apply and restart your laptop.

I hope this will give you the result you wanted.

For more additional information I am giving this two links.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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