How to control direct show speed of recorded videos?

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How to control direct show speed of recorded videos. I want to put some pictures on the video but I am not able to sync the speed. Any help would be appreciated.

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How to control direct show speed of recorded videos?


You would need a video editing software to do that. There are several available over the internet. If you are using windows, there is a built in video editor called Windows Movie Maker.

If you do have that, then here are the steps you should follow to edit the speed of your video:

1. Open Windows Movie Maker. A small window will pop-up then click yes. This will allow you to create a new project.

A new window will pop-up and here, type the name of the project then save it.

2. In the Movie Maker screen, you will notice the: a. File bin (this is where your imported files will be found),

b. TV screen (where the video will play), c. Timeline (where you edit the video and its speed).

3. If your video file is already saved in your computer, simply import it in the Movie Maker.

-But if it's still in the video cam, connect the cam to the computer. Import you video by clicking File then Capture. The program will now record your video. Click Stop in the Movie Maker to finish the recording.

4. Your video should now be in the file bin. Click and drag it to the Timeline.

5. You can cut any unwanted footage using the Razor tool.

6. Click the video then click Tab and select Speed/Duration. A pop-up window will show up. Here, type in the percent speed that you desire.

7. Adjust the duration of your video by typing it every time you change the speed.

8. Once you have achieved the speed that you like, you can add the pictures that you would like to incorporate in the video. (You can also do that in Movie Maker).

9. Once you're done, render the video by clicking Sequence and choose Render Entire Work Area.

10. Save the file.

11. You can now export the video by clicking File>Export>Media. Choose the media type that you want.

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