How to choose a right Database

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we are going to develop a new web based application for our small scale manufacturing company. Can someone explain to us, how to choose a right Database and what are the basic things that are to be verified before contacting a vendor?

Many thanks in advance for the help.

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How to choose a right Database


Hi Suri!

Choosing a database is a critical task.  It affects the whole business in future, so be careful while deciding on your choice.

Database selection depends on what is your actual need, means how much  data volume you could have in the coming years.

Secondly, what features you want to have from your database. For example if you have very few records, a small database like MS Access will suffice but if you need to manage millions of transactions per day, you should have a strong database like Oracle or SQL Sever etc.

In short, decide first what is the volume of your data and how much expansion do you expect in the forthcoming years.

Hope it helps you.


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How to choose a right Database


There are many database software in the market. You can choose any database you want.  This depends on your data storage capacity. If you are looking for a small database, then choose My SQL database with PHP. This will make your database more strong and squired. You can use your database perfectly.

But if you are looking for a huge database, then you can chose Oracle as your database. This is good for huge database. In this way you can use your database more accurately. Also you can access the database quickly. It’s squired as SQL was. It is good for a big farm.

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