How can a word file be locked

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How can a word file be locked so that no one will be allowed to view and edit the file?

Can we also lock other MS Office files?

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How can a word file be locked


Hi There Buddy!

     YES! you can lock MS Office files like WORD, EXCEL and the other programs. Now for the MS Word Files to be locked, there are different methods to lock your files, depends on your MS Office if its 2003, 2oo7 or 2010.

     For the MS Office 2003:

          First Step is OPEN THE MS WORD Interface and go to TOOLS tab, select OPTIONS Menu.

          Second Step is SECURITY TAB and input your desired password, by the way it is better to note down your password so as not to forget it. And after that you have to verify that it is indeed the correct password.

          Third Step is to click OK.

Now after you put your password, everytime users click your password protected file, they have to write the password, if not then they cannot see the content of the file.

Good Luck!!

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How can a word file be locked


Hi Nadeesha,

You can lock any office file you want.It is easy. Go through below:

1. First of all Create or open existing file

2. Click  on "File"

3. Click on "save as"

4. A pop up window naming "Save as" will appear like the first image

5. Click on "Tools" from the window located on the upper right corner

6. A dropdown menu will come,please click on "Security option"

Then there will come another window naming "Security" like the second image.There are many ways to lock a file.

One is nobody will able be open a file without you or your password let alone modify.To do so,you have to input a password on the field "Password to open"

Finally take decision what you would like and click ok to complete

Second is someone will able to open your file but will not able to modify.To do so,please put a different password on the field "Password to modify".In this case you have to tell your first password used on "Password to open" to others you like to give permission to view.

Next is,you may also leave blank "Password to open" field but fill up "Password to modify" field.In this case you do not need to tell your password and anyone can easily open your file but will not able to modify.

Good luck,

Shamim Hoque

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