How can Voice call recording in Yahoo chat ?

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How can i record Voice call in Yahoo messenger during yahoo chatting and also protect it ? 

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How can Voice call recording in Yahoo chat ?


Hello, follow these simple steps:

  1 Start by going to the website.

  2

Take the time to read through the information on the website.

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  3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ¨Download¨ link.

  4

Press the ¨Save File¨ button. Download and install the program by following the prompts.

  5

Read the pop-up window message alert. Press the ¨OK¨ button. An alert will pop up asking if you want to upgrade or try the free version.

  6

Choose to upgrade or continue with the free version. Keep in mind that the free version allows only up to five minutes of recording time per call. A browser window will open and take you to the tutorial website.

  7

Follow the step-by-step instructions under the heading ¨Brief Tutorial.¨

  8

Open Yahoo! Messenger, then click on the Vemotion desktop icon to open the program. The VoIP recorder automatically starts recording all VoIP conversations.

  9

Experiment by using the emotions, music and really cool text speaking tool, which allows you to use a computer-generated voice during a conversation by typing instead of speaking.

  10

Make your podcasts interesting and fun with this program

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How can Voice call recording in Yahoo chat ?


There are different ways of doing an audio recording in Yahoo! Messenger when you are doing a voice call on the person you are chatting with. And it would be better if you not only record the audio but the actual chat as well. What I mean is you record all the activities happening on your computer screen while doing the chatting including the audio part.

Try using CamStudio™ Open Source. With this software you can record all screen activities of the computer including the audio. This is very appropriate when you are preparing for a presentation. You can download it from CamStudio™ Open Source – Free Streaming Video Software. The latest version is 2.7 and it now supports Windows 7 unlike before where it only supports Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Another program that you can use is the BB Flashback Express where you can save the movie or the video as flash or avi files. You can download this one from Blueberry software Products BB Flashback Express.

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