How can i uninstall a program from Windows

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I installed a program and i don't know how to uninstall it can any one help me to solve this because i don't want the program any more

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How can i uninstall a program from Windows


Hi there you can always uninstall a program by  these steps:

1- Go to control panel in start menu

2- Select add or remove program

3- Then you will see a window with listed program in your computer

4- Choose the program you want to remove then click uninstall

5- Follow the steps in uninstalling process by clicking in next until the program is successfully removed from your computer

6- In some cases the computer ask you to restart it after an UN installation process

 Another solution is you can setup a utility program for your computer and you will find the option to remove any program for you

I hope I was useful to you

Feel free to ask any questions any time


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How can i uninstall a program from Windows



Hi Anonymous,


This is the step in how to uninstall a program in Windows 7.
1. Find and identify what program you want to uninstall to free up some space on your hard disk/drive.
2. Check first if you do not really need the program or file. Make sure you don not have important files to be use in the program you wish to uninstall because you cannot retrieve or restore that anymore.
3. After that, go to Control Panel and select Programs->Programs and Features. Find in the list of program you want to uninstall and click "Remove". The uninstalling process will now start.
4. Refresh the list of program by pressing "F5" to see if the file or program successfully uninstalled. To check again if the program is successfully uninstalled, go to Start Menu and All Programs to see if your program or file is not there anymore.
5. You can also use find an uninstaller along with the program in Start Menu > All Programs and find the program folder you wish to remove or uninstall.
6. This procedure is not recommended but it needs to be run also to ensure that there are no traces or gaps in the hard drive to prevent the system from slowing down. Run the disk defragmenter after uninstalling a program. You can find the defragmenter in Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools Folder. Hope this helps.


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