How can I send SMSA using Bluetooth

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I use How can I send SMSA using Bluetooth and what technology am I supposed to use. Moreover, is it possible for me to use .net environment?


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How can I send SMSA using Bluetooth



Hello Jeremy,

Yes you can send any data via Bluetooth as long as your device supports it; But Bluetooth however, can only send a maximum distance of 100 meters and must have no walls or any other matters blocking the sharing process.

The best way to send data is to use well known online communication (if that's what you call them) free software’s like Skype. Messenger or similar services like that.

Yes, it is possible to use .net environment, I don't know if it works also on Mac/Linux., .NET Environment however is structured by .Net Framework that uses C# programming language. On the other hand you are using VB. Net that uses modern Visual Basic programming Language. If you're planning to use .Net Environment capabilities make sure that you have an experience using C# syntax.

Hope this helps you


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