How can I send mail via MS Outlook Express?

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I have MS Outlook Express here but I don't know how to use it and how to enter into it. Because this requires me to use in my work. I gave already my name, email address, and password. And when it is configuring, after a minute it is failed. 

I really need an answer. 

Thank you.

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How can I send mail via MS Outlook Express?



Outlook express has been discontinued by Microsoft. It is better to get a copy of Microsoft Office and use Microsoft Outlook instead. It has many more features and much better security than Outlook Express. There are also a lot of new features that Microsoft Outlook has like faster starting times, better stability etc. There are also plug-ins available that can help manage your workflow better.

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How can I send mail via MS Outlook Express?


Hi Graceeliz,

First you have to configure your account.  It is important that you know your e-mail address with the following information before you start.
a.    What type of e-mail server you use?
b.    What is the name of the incoming e-mail server
c.    What is the name of the outgoing e-mail server (for POP3 and IMAP servers only)
d.    The name and password of your account
e.    Know if your ISP requires you to use Secure Password Authentication to access your e-mail account.

When you know the answers from the questions above then here are the steps to configure your account:
1.    On the tools menu of the Outlook Express, click Accounts.
2.    Click Add to open the Internet Connection Wizard then click Mail.
3.    Type your name and click Next on the Your Name page of the wizard.
4.    Type your e-mail address the click Next on the Internet Explorer Address page.
5.    Fill in the first block of information you get from ISP then click Next on the E-mail Server Names page.
6.    Type your account name and password on the Internet Mail Logo page.
7.    Click Next, and then click Finish.

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