How can i remove the LowLandLions error?

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I am working on a Facebook application and have followed the instructions to make a basic "Hello, World" application, and when I try to open any application, I keep getting the following error; An error occurred with LowLandLions.

Please try again later. API Error Code: 100. API Error Description: Invalid Parameter.

Error Message: Requires valid next URL.

Can anyone help me what I should do, so that I can open application easily.

Please give me best suggestions.

I am waiting for your sympathetic solutions.

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How can i remove the LowLandLions error?


1. Make sure GW.EXE or GWSETUP.EXE is added to your firewall's exception list.

2. If you are using a router, please open and/or forward both TCP port 6112 and TCP port 80 within their settings.

If you are using a wireless router, try connecting your computer directly to the router using an Ethernet cable instead.

3. Try temporarily disabling any Internet Security or Anti-virus/spyware applications.

4. If your Internet Service Provider is America Online and you are unable to use Internet applications outside of the AOL client (such as Internet Explorer), please contact their Customer Support regarding this issue.

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How can i remove the LowLandLions error?



That is an error that occurs as a result of having Google accelerator installed on your computer, and therefore you will need to remove it if you have it on your computer.

Also try using Flock browser as an alternative and see if it will work well.




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