How can I protect my email from being hijacked?

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I have many important emails such as bank statements, how can I protect my email from being hijacked? 

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How can I protect my email from being hijacked?

Try the solutions I have here:

1. Pick a strong password. It should contain letters, numbers and special characters and should be longer than eight characters. Do not use your own name, birthday and generic names as they can easily be guessed. Also, use a upper and lower case combination if your email provider will allow it.

2. Choose a unique password. Do not use the same password on all your accounts because once your account has been compromised, the intruders will have access on all your accounts. Use a distinct password depending on where you will use it.

3. Do not share your email address on the Internet. Putting your email addresses in public forums or dispersing it over the web will attract the spammers to spoof your accounts. Spammers normally collect email addresses and then send spam messages that appears to come from your own email account.

4. Use your Antivirus and always keep it updated. Antivirus programs are your means of protection from any illegal acts and viruses. This will notify you if you click on infected attachments from your email and antivirus can prevent your computer and email accounts from being compromised. There are also Spyware programs that you can use. Perform a daily scan for potential threats.

5. Look for an email program that comes with spam filter. This can filter out potential threats on your email. Flag the spam emails that are not automatically caught and do not open email messages from unknown senders.

6. Do not spread your email address and password. No legit website will ask for your email password. Major email providers will never ask you to type your password on any online form or website. It is also best to call the sender's company address to verify if the request or the email you have is legitimate.
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How can I protect my email from being hijacked?



Just simply sign up on the website go to this site here.

Enter a fake name and you will receive a welcome from OneStat in your email and then just simply called the OneStatScript.txt. After that download the attachment files on the computer and delete the email and try to the write down your account number, you will need after wards.

Change the name in the text document, that can make the email snooper salivate such as passwordist and try to change the file format to text document in the web page. Try to email this newly-renamed file from the attachment to the email account, if you want to monitor.

Try to make sure the email subject title is also snooper or something listed of the password and then the trap is set.

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