How can I manage blocking p2p ports in a LAN?

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I am using a local area network, sharing is enabled which exposes my security and confidential files in my computer to threats.

How can I manage blocking of p2p ports and still use the LAN without any security threats?

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How can I manage blocking p2p ports in a LAN?


LAN connection is a great way to transfer data and also a great way of stealing data and breaking into the system.

For a want of proper LAN connection security, your data can be stolen at any time quite easily.

Here are some great ways to be secured in LAN connection:

1. When you install your router, you should change both – Administrator username and password. Use a strong password. Use Alpha-Numeric and special letter mixed password such as ABC_123_ABC . Without a super password, your data can be stolen at any time.

2. Use secured LAN connection software such as Lan-Secure, LanSpy etc.

3. Change your SSID name from default.

4. Enable default router firewall to be more secured.

5. Be sure that remote administrator is disabled.

You don't need to disable ports. Just configure the subjects stated above and keep your LAN connection and personal data secured.

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