How can i make my Windows 7 fully Secured from Intruders?

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Hi Guys,

I am using window 7 at home. Before few days my system is in attckers Control. Can you tell me How can i make it fully secured? I have registered antivirus and registered window. Also both fully updated. Tell me some more so now intruders can attack it. I am also using ZoneAlarm and Hide My IP. Can any one tell me some good software for telnet who can enable telnet server and telenet client automatically i try to do this manually but i can't do this.

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How can i make my Windows 7 fully Secured from Intruders?



Can I ask what your antivirus is? I would recommend Norton internet security 2012 or Kaspersky Internet security 2012 because they have the highest detection rates on attackers. And keep your firewall always on. And make all of your software is up to date especially your antivirus. And make sure you install trusted software’s only. Some intruders embed programs on software’s to gain access in your computer software’s like manipulated programs or music downloaded from P2P. And please avoid P2P file sharing software because this is where the software’s of intruders are spread and some may put key loggers on the program. Also run virus scans at least once a week. If you're using a wireless network put a password on the router. And also have a complex password.

This is the things you need to remember when surfing.

Delete Unknown contacts.

Do not click on ads unless you are sure it’s safe.

Avoid Websites that may harm your computer especially "Porn sites".


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