Broadband doesn’t start connectivity on Windows startup.

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I am having problem in connectivity of my broadband connection. When windows starts, I have to set those settings manually to get connected. And then i click save it.

Then after that i have to select troubleshoot option for this problem.

After troubleshooting, it shows a reason of this problem that "Your dhcp server was not enabled". 

This is a headache for me.

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Broadband doesn’t start connectivity on Windows startup.



The problem is related to the driver of the network interface card’s driver. You need to uninstall the network interface card from the system and then reinstall it.

To do this, go to control panel and open “Device Manager”. From the “network adapters” section, select the network interface card then right click on it and then click “uninstall” After the uninstallation is completed, reinstall the network interface card.

Now configure the network interface card according to the configuration of your network scheme that is, setting IP address, netmask, default gateway and the IP addresses of two DNS servers. 

Then save the changes.

This should solve the problem.

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Broadband doesn’t start connectivity on Windows startup.


DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DHCP server plays a vital role in network, and it assigns IP address to clients on network. You have to enable DHCP service in your broadband router so that your PC can obtain IP address automatically from your broadband router. 

To do so you have to login into your broadband router, and turn DHCP server on. If you would mention your broadband router’s manufacturers, I could explain you further exact process for turning DHCP server on in your router.

So check for your router’s manufacturer and search for their website to know how to do that. 

Its quite easy process, all you need to do is search for manufacturers and model of router. 

Kind Regards!!! 

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