How can I get market 3gs freeware signal?

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I have changed my residence. In the previous place, I used to get 3g freeware signals. But now I am unable to get a 3g freeware signal. Connections are available but I have failed to connect it. Is it a regional or zip code problem?

Can you please tell me How can I get market 3gs freeware signal?

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How can I get market 3gs freeware signal?


Wassup Noah, I think I'm in a good position to solve your query and can help you to the best of my knowledge. The main problem there may be with the network. Are you sure you are still in a region where there is the 3g network?

Another issue is the modem settings, you may need to change your modem's Wi-fi settings and set to the ones compatible to the 3g signal, such as the DNS server, Network Subnet mask, IP address.


You may also try changing the setting of the networks to automatic.

Restart your modem and it should solve the issue

I hope this solves your query


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