How can I effectively set up ASE 15 PCClient?

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Hi there!

I have been using the SDK EBF releases and they lack some of these tools like DBISQL and many more. When I tried to run them, I keep getting a message requiring me to input a key yet I know it is supposed to be free.

Therefore, I have chosen to use ASE 15 PCClient which has all these tools but I cannot figure out how to set it up and running.

Can someone please help me sort this out.

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How can I effectively set up ASE 15 PCClient?


Hi Heather,

The set up needs a data server and a back up server, since this is free it only allows 1 server and 25 sub computers. 

Before setting up you need to check all necessary permissions on both systems are set to allow read and write. 

Have one admin account and non-admin account for personal directories.

Create a “Sybase” account this must have all permission privileges from the root to the OS directory.

If you want to know a detailed information on pre installation up to setting up the database click here.

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