How can I create ISO file from rar file

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I have some zip file. That’s extension is *.rar.

I want to make a ISO file using all *.rar file.

Is it possible?

If possible how can create it easily?

If anybody have more experience in this option please help me.

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How can I create ISO file from rar file


I would recommend the use of folder2iso software which is used to create ISO images of folders. You can extract the RAR file to a folder and then create the ISO image of the file. One of the main advantages of this software is that you don't need to install it in your PC just download  and run it.

The procedure to create ISO image using folder2iso is as follows:

  1. Run folder2iso software.
  2. Use the folder browser and select the folder that you want to convert to ISO image.
  3. Now select the folder where you want to place the ISO image of the previously selected folder.
  4. Give your folder a label so it helps you in future.
  5. Now simply generate the ISO file of your folder. and then if you want you can burn it on a DVD


Hope this helps.

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How can I create ISO file from rar file


@echo off


Echo DONE!


@echo off

REM the following command line will extract the RAR file.

REM Replace it with WINRAR command line extraction command and syntax


REM %1 is the parameter passed to extracttoisio.bat

REM which is passed from the MAIN script, the %E which is *.RAR


  • This is not possible today unless you know how to create a program. Batch file scripting can do this. Magic ISO Maker is one of those ISO makers that have an option to create ISO under Command Line interface. Find some information for this here:
  • Windows also has the command line extracting options. Just visit their website and find how to do extracting using the command land so that you can implement a back scripting for the solution for your problem.
  • Here’s a snippet to show you how to do it:
  • For the Main Script:

    • That’s it and Good Luck. The snippet works only if the batch file is saved where the RAR file is located.
    • Note: the code above is just a snippet, modify some command for those command are not the actual command. You need to research for the syntax of the command or the tools you where going to use.

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