How to build a java gui dashboard?

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Hi to everyone,

How to build a Java GUI dashboard? The Java graphical user interface is not easy to deal with we have to undergo first training or study before making a new instance or creation. I want to create and build my own build a Java GUI dashboard; can you share some tips or possible experiences with Java?

Thank you.


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How to build a java gui dashboard?


Hi Rebecca!

The easiest way of creating GUIs in Java is using NetBeans (

Install NetBeans and you can start creating a project when you follow these steps:

  1. Click on File in the Menu
  2. Click on New Project

Then you can have an instant JFrame when you:

  1. Right-click on the folder your main class is located.
  2. Click on New
  3. Click on JFrame Form

You can drag and drop the components. By double clicking a component, you could easily insert events depending on the actions you do.

Here is a sample code of a dashboard in Java that you could study.


  1. Read the Java API documentation.
  2. Find sample codes online.
  3. Practice using the information you have.

Java is the first programming language I've learned. You'll make your life easier if you follow the tips I have given you.

Have fun programming.

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How to build a java gui dashboard?


There are lots of websites available online to guide you in this issue.

If you are trying to use the net Beans to design your GUI applications then you can take guidance from this link and I am sure it will help you in creating a valid GUI for any of your required GUI applications. 

Smith Thompson


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