How to avoid SPAM in yahoo mail?

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Hi to all,

In my spam settings, all the suspected spam will be automatically filtered into my spam folder instead of my inbox. I also set "Empty Spam Folder Immediately".  Why am I still receiving spam in my inbox and spam folder? What do I need to do to avoid spam? I hate receiving and deleting a lot of spam messages. Please help me and tell me what to do. Thanks.



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How to avoid SPAM in yahoo mail?


Well, I guess spam email will always be there. It'll exists as long as you have email address. All email provider has this feature to protect you from spammers. This gives you control to not to receive spam email that often in a day. What this spam guard do is to filter all email address threat as spam.

Once email address is detected by the network, email server or Internet Service Provider's server, it'll automatically filter this out and set it as spam. However, there will always be new email address will born and spam email will emerge.

Your only options is to, once you receive a spam email is to report this right away as spam. Check the box beside the email content and click on the button, this is a spam.

In this steps, you will notifying your email provider and ISP to threat this email address as spam whenever this email address sends you email again in the future.

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How to avoid SPAM in yahoo mail?


Hi Gabbie,

You can avoid spam mail in yahoo by going to options, then click on more options. Thereafter choose filters and then select the name of the persons that you do not want to receive emails from. Move the names to trash. You can also control spam using the Control Spam Guard option.

Another way to be safe from spam mails is to avoids subscribing to sites where you will be receiving a lot of messages in your folder that are not of any value.

For more details on how to block spam, visit the link.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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