How to assign blackberry led indicators ?

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Hi friends,

Today I purchased a Blackberry curve mobile phone. I am really impressed by its features and very happy to have this phone.

I explore all its features; it is user friendly and easy to use.

The only thing that I did not understand is the LED indicating features.

Can I assign different LED colors to different contacts?

Can anyone tell me about Blackberry led indicators and how to use them?

I am waiting for a rapid reply from a Blackberry lover.



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How to assign blackberry led indicators ?


Hello Mellisa,

Here is the rapid answer from a Blackberry lover. Blackberry LED lights is a great feature to have which gives a very eye catching professional look of the phone.  Apart from that these LED lights indicate you several functions too. I have shown below what exactly says from these different color LED lights.

Blue LED

 Blue LED on a Blackberry is used for Bluetooth. When the flashing blue light flashes it indicates an active connection through Bluetooth. This is a very important feature which lets you know when somebody accesses your phone without your permission. Also you can Enable and Disable this indicator if you find it annoying by,

Go to Applications > Go to Options > Select Bluetooth > Go to Menu > Select Options > select LED Connection Indicator Off.

Green LED

Green LED on the Blackberry is designed for indicating the coverage. If it is blinking then it means you are now located in a service area. You can enable or disable this feature by,

 Go to Applications > Go to Options > Select Screen/Keyboard > Select LED Coverage Indicator On or Off.


Red LED is for messages. The flashing Red LED means there are unread messages in your Inbox. Go to message Inbox folder and check whether there are unread messages. You can choose this option On or Off by,

 Go to Applications > Go to Profiles > Go to Advanced > Now Select the profile you want to modify > Select message type > Select Notification LED Flashing On or Off.

Yellow LED

Yellow LED indicates the battery status. Flashing Yellow LED lets you know  that you are running with low battery.

Thank you.

Rubi Sharlene

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