How and where to download GoogleTalk.msi?

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Hi, I need to know that where I can download GoogleTalk.msi to push installer pack using my G.P.O. I need to find that Google Talk.msi in 64-bit.

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How and where to download GoogleTalk.msi?


You can download any GoogleTalk from here.

There is also this version which helped a lot of users running on windows 7 64 bits. The download link is here.

This is a standalone installer and it does not have anything extra in it.

In order to make it work on your windows, do the following steps.

  • You have to uninstall any previous versions of GoogleTalk or any plugins related to it and then use it. 
  • Use Ccleaner to remove any unwanted registry entries from the previous uninstallation process of GoogleTalk so that it doesn't make any trouble in the future.
  • Update your Adobe Flash player.
  • After that, install the Google Talk from the links I provided.
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How and where to download GoogleTalk.msi?


Since you are looking for a particular file to download, GoogleTalk.msi, I’m not sure if you can easily find such a file to download from the web because it is not the usual installer file. Installers usually have “.exe” as their extension but here it uses “.msi” and this type of file can normally be found from within the “.exe” installer itself.

Since I think you already installed Google Talk on your computer and you only need to have the “.msi” file, the best thing to do is to extract that file from the installer you used. Use 7-Zip to open the installer and extract the file. I’m not sure if WinRAR or WINZIP can open ordinary “.exe” installers. If you don’t have 7-Zip, you can download it from here Install 7-Zip after downloading it then open your GoogleTalk installer with it.

Right-click on your GoogleTalk.exe installer then select “7-Zip” then “Open archive”. 7-Zip will open the file and display its contents. Locate and select the “GoogleTalk.msi” then click “Extract”.


Files with “.msi” are Microsoft Installer package used to install other components in Windows. If you still were unable to find a possible source for the “GoogleTalk.msi” file, you may try creating your own third-party MSI package. But doing this still doesn’t guarantee that it will work since the expected “GoogleTalk.msi” is originally created by Google. To create your own MSI package you need to use the program “Discover”. It is the program responsible in the creating the MSI package.

To begin with, open “Discover” to create a “before” snapshot of your entire system. After creating the snapshot, install any program or maybe re-install your GoogleTalk application. Or it would be best to simply uninstall GoogleTalk from your computer before running “Discover” for the first time for the “before” snapshot. And then install it again after running “Discover” then restart the computer. After booting the computer run the program you newly installed to make sure it is working and then exit the program after.

Next, run “Discover” again to create the “after” snapshot of the system. The program will now compare the “before” and “after” snapshots and create the MSI package based on the type of computer and system you have. You may also use “Veritas Software Console” for the customization of the MSI package.

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How and where to download GoogleTalk.msi?


Google Talk is the best chatting software . But sometimes I feel sad because it can only be used to chat between different Gmail accounts. But when I was about to install it, I faced a problem because I am using x64 based PC. So I couldn’t install it so easily. I found the answer by visiting this page. It helped me a lot. I was able to extract the MSI Package and was able to install Google Talk easily. I was so glad that I forgot to even make my hand move. Sharath, all your comments are very useful because you are providing complete detail about the installation problem. Thanks guys. Without your help, I couldn’t install Google Talk. Also thanks to Techyv for having such a nice expert.

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