How to add podcast to the iOS podcast app?

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How do we add any podcasts to the iOS Podcast Apps on my ipod touch?

Does anybody has an idea on this?

Thank you very much.

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How to add podcast to the iOS podcast app?



Through the Podcast app, you can do a search through the Top Stations option

You can also browse by category whether it’s an audio podcast or a video podcast.

If these podcasts are not on iTunes, you can copy the link of the podcast and then on the search field, paste the URL of the podcast.

When and if you have already selected a podcast you want to have in your device, you can simply hit subscribe.

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How to add podcast to the iOS podcast app?


Hello Nicholas,

With the Podcasts app, you can be able to subscribe, listen to as well as watch the podcasts that you like straight away.

It has been integrated tightly with iTunes hence making it extremely simple for you to get and subscribe to the new podcasts from your iOS device.

But if your device does not support iTunes, you can still add podcasts to the app using a different method that is not so obvious.

Before adding a podcast to the app, you will have to slide down the search field and then enter the url to the podcast that you would like to subscribe to and then go ahead and search. You will need to confirm the subscription to the podcast.

Just after you subscribe, you will receive the podcast on your device.



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