How to add a logo to mail for iPad?

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I am a business man and would like add my company logo in to all my e-mails that I sent through my ipad. If I can embed a html link to the logo so that it would open my web page, it would be great.I would appreciate if someone can help me on how to add a logo to mail for ipad.   


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How to add a logo to mail for iPad?



Hi, you can add your company logo with embed html link at your email signature on iPad with IOS 6 by using HTML editor that can download from Appstore (Nitro HTML), open the apps and create your signature in HTML format. For example:

<b>your name </b>

<a href= target=”_blank”>

<img src=”logo.jpg” />


Once you finish created the HTML signature, copy the signature and go to mail settings at signature portion and paste it in.

Since this is for your company and save all the hassle of HTML coding on signature, you can consider purchase Sign off app at Appstore for $0.99 which will do all the custom signatures.

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How to add a logo to mail for iPad?


If you are using Gmail please follow the below instructions.

* Log into your Gmail account.

* You can find the "options" button at the top of the page. Go to options and then select "mail settings" option.

* In the "General" menu you'll find the "signature" section. Go to that section and click on "insert image" icon.

* Then insert the URL to your image location in your website.

* Then click on "OK" and then apply and save those settings.

* After you'll be able to display logos in your mails that you send through your account.

If you are using Hotmail please apply the following settings.

* Select "more options" from the "option" menu.

* Go to the "composing/writing email" section and select "personal signature".

* Edit it in HTML mode by selecting the mode in drop down menu.

* Type the following HTML code and enter image location within the quotes of the HTML code.

<img src=""/>



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