How to add Google adsense in my website?

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I want somebody to help me about Google AdSense.

I need to add Google AdSense in my personal website.

How can I add Google AdSense In my personal website?

How can I earn money with Google AdSense?

I want to know all detail about it.

How much can I earn from Google AdSense in a month.

Have I to spend any money to open a Google AdSense account?

Is it free?

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How to add Google adsense in my website?


First of all I want to tell you that the Google AdSense account is absolutely free. You can make money very easily by Google AdSense. For doing these you have to follow some steps. First you have to make a strong website of your own in which you are going to add Google AdSense.

After making that site you have to submit the URL of your site to the Google AdSense account. Then it will be sent to Google for their permission of using Google AdSense to your website. If Google find your website strong enough then they will give you the permission. No pornography or sexual materials are allowed in your site for that permission.

After the permission they give you a code which is need to be paste in your website. You will be paid in per click basis. So all you have to do is to increase the visitors in your site by hook or by crook to earn more money. There is no limit of earning from Google AdSense. You can even be a millionaire from Google AdSense.

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How to add Google adsense in my website?


First and foremost, Google AdSense account is free. You don't need to worry of spending money to create a Google AdSense account and will only took you less than an hour to sign up.

To put Google AdSense to your website, you have to copy some HTML code from Google's AdSense site, paste it into your page and the ads will appear on your page. You can put the code on as many of your websites and web pages as you like.

Each time someone clicks on an ad on your page you clock up a few cents and every now and again those nice people at Google send you a cheque. It's that easy. Google call this "AdSense for Content".

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How to add Google adsense in my website?


Dear Arial black, 

To add Google AdSense in your personal website, first you have to sign up on Google AdSense by visiting their official website. If they accept you, then they will give you a code.

This code should be put on your website. This code vary from website to website.

If you use WordPress then you will get different code than that who are using HTML for his/her websites.

Thanks and Regards

Louis Louis

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