Hotmail email account browsing problem

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Hi! I have been facing a problem with my Hotmail email account. When I try to click on or delete something in this account then the below message is showing in yellow banner:

“We can’t connect to Windows Live Hotmail right now.”

Would appreciate if somebody give me any solution to fix it up. Thanks.

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Hotmail email account browsing problem


Hello Demarion,

I have ever experienced the same error before and from analysis I can suggest that its cause could be either of the following:

  • You may be having slow internet connections hence windows live cannot connect properly.
  • You may be on a network that has some proxy settings that are blocking your windows live account from performing some functions.
  • You windows live may be having some credentials that are blocking the delete of messages.

In my case, when I moved to another computer, I was able to delete messages from my windows live account inbox without receiving the trouble. I will suggest that you try the same too.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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Hotmail email account browsing problem


Slow speed is the main issue, this same happens to gmail website. If you encounter slow speed, you will get this error that it time out or the specific error messages you posted above.

For gmail website, it will require you to use text type of mail access because it can't process the data fast enough to display on the screen.

Clear all your browsing history, see if this will improve your browsing.
Go to Tools, Internet Options
Under General tab, Look for Browsing History
Click on Delete Button
Check all the boxes to optimized the browser
Click on delete all button to clear them all

Now, if this doesn't improve your web browsing and hotmail still encounter this issue, do these steps below;

Power off your modem and include your router if you do have so. Wait for 2 minutes and turn the modem on and wait for additional 2 minutes to stabilized the modem's connection. Then power up your router afterwards. Close the hotmail browser and re-open it back, log-in back again to hotmail and observe your Internet if it's fast enough to process the data.

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