HelpCtr.exe error “0x003a1b8e” referenced memory at “0x003a1b8e

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I hope that someone can help me with this. On my system I have Windows XP SP2, but I haven’t reinstalled it (I am planning to do that soon). Whenever I start computer I got error message. This is pretty irritating and I tried to disable help option. Is there any permanent solution for this?
Thank you.
HelpCtr.exe – Application Error -The instruction at “0x003a1b8e” referenced memory at “0x003a1b8e”.
HelpCtr.exe – Application Error
The instruction at “0x003a1b8e” referenced memory at “0x003a1b8e”. the memory could not be
Click on OK to terminate the program
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HelpCtr.exe error “0x003a1b8e” referenced memory at “0x003a1b8e


The likely cause of such an error will be corrupt cache files, and the procedure for solving it is as indicated below:

The first thing you will need to do is delete the help cache files which you will find in the user profile directory:

  • You will need to Start the Windows Explorer. The cache files hidden in the directory, and therefore you will need to unhide them to view them.

  • You will to the following in Windows Explorer to unhide them:
    Click on Tools and then choose Folder Options, and then choose View.
    You will then choose Advanced settings, and from there locate Hidden files and folders.
    You will then select Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK. 

  • Once you have done that, you will need to go to user profile's help cache location, which is found in the following location:
    c:Documents and Settings<USERNAME>Application DataMicrosoftHTML Help
    Where <USERNAME> is your windows login name.

  • From there, you will delete all the files you find in the above folder, but I will suggest that you keep a backup copy first. 

Your problem should be solved that way.

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