Help on things with Enterprise Linux

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Please help me with things that I should be familiar with on Enterprise Linux OS aside from the general LAMP. I would like to be proficient in this software and I am looking at managing Linux systems in the near future.

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Help on things with Enterprise Linux

The Linux OS is a free and open source software. In popular language Linux is used to refer to a complete Linux distribution. These distributions are easy to install and they come in various flavors.
Linux distributions have taken a wide variety of forms, from fully featured desktop, notebook, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and servers. There over 600 different distributions of Linux.
The most popular distributions are:
1. Red Hat; 
2. Slackware; 
3. Caldera; 
4. S.u.S.E; 
5. Debian; 
6. Fedora Core; 
7. BSD or Free BSD. 
The most popular distribution of Linux is the Red Hat and you can start with this distribution. It has great tools, as well as excellent designed system to serve software application packages efficiently.


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Help on things with Enterprise Linux


The most wanted enterprise Linux platform is Red Hat. For getting familiar with it you can have a smart start up by installing it.


1. Go for Bootable _Installation from CD-ROM, Boot sequence can be easily modified on BIOS.

2. Red Hat provides types of installation.

  • Workstation: If you are new users or want a Linux based system for home or desktop use.
  • Server: If you want a Linux based system which can perform functions as a server as well as not customize your system configuration.
  • Laptop: Easy for laptop and it’s like a workstation. It requires appropriate packages and also provide an auto installing environment.
  • Custom: Provide flexibility in your installation.

3. If you are in the workstation. If offers GNOME or KDE desktop environment.

  • Workstation choosing GNOME or KDE: 1.5 GB.
  • The workstation chooses both GNOME and KDE, and games: 1.8 GB.

4. Keep in mind the disk partitioned drive must be formatted or must be in RAW (not initialized) rather than using NFTS or FAT file system. If you choose the automatic partition.

  • The size will decide on the basis of your ram.
  • A 50 MB partition mounted as /boot in which the Linux kernel and related files reside.
  • A root partition mounted as / in which all other files are stored (the exact size of this partition is dependent on your available disk space).

5. Now the installation process: here is the stimulus response.

Red Hat Linux-keyboard configuration Red Hat Linux-choosing your partitioning strategy Red Hat Linux-partitions Red Hat Linux-allowable drives Red Hat Linux-boot loader installation Red Hat Linux-network configuration Red Hat Linux-selecting package groups Red Hat Linux-individual package selection Red Hat Linux-video configuration Red Hat Linux-custom X configuration
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Help on things with Enterprise Linux


Thank you Care Steve for your tremendous help. Now I think I know more about Linux Enterprise.

Many thanks.

Thank you TechyV.

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