Help of the steps in RPC Closing 3D

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Hi guys. I am having a hard time closing this function call and I want to know the steps in RPC closing 3d. Your help will highly be appreciated guys ad you'll lessen my burden, thanks!

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Help of the steps in RPC Closing 3D


Hi Jimy Josef

You want to know the steps in RPC closing 3D. The method for placing RPC's is given below step by step. There are 8 steps-

Step 1. Download the file and place in your Scripts directory in 3d studio.

Step 2. Create a simple terrain such as the one you see pictured here.

Step 3. Place a single copy of each RPC file that you wish to propagate across the terrain to the right of the terrain geometry.

Step 4. You now need to run the RPC Spray MaxScript file by choosing the Utilities: MaxScript option in 3ds max or Autodesk VIZ. After choosing MaxScript you can choose the Run option and select the RPC Spray MaxScript file that you downloaded.

Step 5. You have 3 options which define the manner in which the RPC's will be placed upon the terrain.

Step 6. The final step is to choose the Spray button and then begin to move your mouse across the surface on which you wish to spray the RPC files while holding down the left mouse button.

Step 7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! In just a few minutes you will have accomplished what would take hours if you had to manually place each RPC I hope it will help you.


Ascencio Steven

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