Help needed to count members in a sport club.

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I have a list of members in a sport club and their age category. I just want to count how many members are each category. There are thousands of names in my excel sheet. How can I count these members easily by using an excel function. I have shown some of that member in the below image.

Excel data


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Help needed to count members in a sport club.


I will explain you an easy way to get the result that you expected by using an excel function. In this case we are able to use the “Countif” function available in Microsoft excels.

I will take the same example that you took. I will add the categories in front to the table as follows.

Please see the image below.

Count it Function

Now type the following formula in cell F4.


Countif function

Then type this formula in cell F5.


Countif Function in excel

Type this formula in cell F6.


Countif Function

Finally, type this formula in Cell F7.


Countif Functions

Now you can see that no of members in each category can be taken using this formula easily.

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