Help on Microsoft Powerpoint COmpatibility Problem

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I have a file created from Office 2007, when i tried opening it in 93, some of the text became uneditable. Help on this.

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Help on Microsoft Powerpoint COmpatibility Problem


Hey Maisie bewell!

Basically Microsoft Word 2007 creates .docx and Microsoft Word 93 creates .doc file, that is the reason of uneditable text.

But you do not worry about this problem; I have a simple solution for you. What you need to is just to save your Microsoft Word 2007 file as Microsoft word 93.

Create a word file in MS Word 2007. Then go to file and select "Save As", in the Save As Type, select Word 93. And press ok.

Now you can easily view your MS Word 2007 in MS word 93.

I hope that you understand it.



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Help on Microsoft Powerpoint COmpatibility Problem


The reason behind this is version incompatibility. Though Microsoft Office supports backward compatibility, meaning it can open Microsoft Office documents created in previous or older versions, but it might encounter a problem opening a document if the file was created in a much newer version of Microsoft Office. Even if it can open the file, the data may not display correctly.

Let’s take Microsoft Office 2003 as an example. In Microsoft Office 2003, you can open documents created in 2003 version and older. This means you can also open and access documents created in Microsoft Office 1993. That’s how backward compatibility works. But on the other hand, documents created in Microsoft Office 2007 will not open in Microsoft Office 2003.

In case it opens, you might have incorrect data in it. If you are looking for a solution to this, there is actually none that is, if you want to directly open a Microsoft Office 2007 document in Microsoft Office 1993. This is how Microsoft Office suites are created. Just like in a security system, you cannot penetrate or breach a system if the technology used is ahead of you.

The only work around you can do is to save the file in Microsoft Office 2007 as 97-2003 format. Open Microsoft Office 2007 and load the file. Click on the Office Button, point to Save As, and select Word 97-2003 Document, and then save the file. See image.

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