Help me block sites with Avast

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I really need help with this one.

My PC is being used by other people like friends.

However, I noticed that there are some who open websites (though these are not adult sites) but these websites are used for downloading music or videos. They download videos or music from those sites then save these in my PC before they save it in their CD or portable memory stuff.

I don't want them to access these sites because I know that some of the files that maybe downloaded from here contain virus. I have informed the users of my PC not to view these sites but they still continue to go to these sites and download.

I am using avast and my browsers are IE, Firefox and opera. Please help how to block these sites, preferably through avast so that it will alarm when the sites are opened.

I hope there is someone here who can assist me and provide me with the procedure. My old PC malfunctioned because it was infected of a virus after downloading from a website so I don't want it to happen to my new PC.

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Help me block sites with Avast



It is impossible to know all sites your friends are using. If you’d block some sites they would find some new to use. I can suggest you an efficient way to block any kind of site. You won’t need to mention all those sites rather you’ll only have to choose which kind of websites you want to block on your Pc.

Use Net Nanny software, it’s most effective website blocker I’ve ever seen. You can specify a similar type of websites to be blocked, you can block a specific website to block and you can do a lot more in it. It’s completely secure and reliable.

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Help me block sites with Avast


What type of avast antivirus you are using?

If it’s Avast 6 Free Antivirus beta, follow the instructions below.

If not you can download it.

1. Open Avast User interface, click “Additional Protection” module on the left to expand and click “Site Blocking” .

2. Enter the URL of web address on the page and click “Add” to block that site by Avast in your Computer.

3. When you try to access blocked website in any browser, Avast web shield shows notice that site is blocked.

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