Sophos vs MCafee which is better?

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Hi all,

Sophos v's McAfee which is better?

I have McAfee now and planning to go for Sophos. Why should I change or should not change?

I want to change because I need to renew my license and I can try a new product.

But if you experts suggest which is best, it can be helpful.

Thanks Love techyv

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Sophos vs MCafee which is better?

Hello! There,
Well it really depends on what feature are you looking for? But based on reviews across the net ,Sophos really stands out for Faster Performance and Throughout. I think it's because of its relatively new engine. It's really a matter of taste whether or not you believe in this reviews. But for me why not try Sophos, since your Mcafee is expiring, you could always use the trial version of it. If you like it then buy it, if not then renew your Mcafee. For I myself  have been using Avast the Free Version for the past 5 years and it never let met down.
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Sophos vs MCafee which is better?

If I have to decide, I will consider the following points.
  1. Tiny differential updates throughout the day.  McAfee only updates once per day (Monday – Friday), and this really failed when a buggy updates on Windows XP.
  2. Scanning engine is incredibly fast, and smaller memory footprint (compared to McAfee).
  3. Firewall and peripheral device control (i.e. USB Device lockouts and blocking of wireless bridging).
Finally, Sophos does not handle inheritance. Setting policies at a root level, and having those policies trickle down to sub-groups, are a great way to be efficient and manage them. I’m still bothered of the fact that Sophos found items that McAfee didn’t.  Is it because my policies were not strong enough?  Am I scanning often enough? Or is Sophos just better at catching them?  You see?  It’s bothering! Overall! Sophos is really a great client in overall  system.
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Sophos vs MCafee which is better?



I read your question. you want to install a antivirus to protect your PC.Lets talk about McAfee.

It is a good software but it makes your PC slower due to having a heavy .exe file.

So the Sophos is good than McAfee but  for a internet using computer McAfee is better.But I suggest you to use AVAST. because it is best both for internet and for the computer.

It can easily be updated.

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Sophos vs MCafee which is better?

I would recommend to choose Sophos. It is a great AV for corporate users, in comparison with McAfee the price is higher but the quality and data protection is better. You can try a trial version for free according to what is more matching your needs.
Pros of Sophos in comparison with McAfee:
  1. Easier to use, easier to install; Installation of McAfee is a bit worse, sometimes the management console does not work during the installation.
  2. It usually detects more malware and viruses.
  3. Scanning engine is faster.
  4. Sophos has smaller memory footprint.
  5. Using only one console.
  6. It supports more OSs, supports Windows Mobile, Mac, Linux, OpenBSD, BSDi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, NetApp, NetWare, SCO a OpenVMS.
  7. Better antivirus program for Smartphones.
  8. Tiny differential updates throughout the day; McAfee only updates once per day.
Sophos has support 24 x 7 and another advantage is that usually you buy one license which you can use for all devices (notebook at home, notebook in company, smartphone etc.).
Issues which might come with using McAfee:
  1. Slows down the system, on workstations the McAfee progress does not work well and consumes 50% of CPU when a portable apps memory stick is plugged in.
  2. 8.7 McAfee provides only basis device.
  3. May cause problems for MIS system users.
  4. Problem with McAfee's detection rate and with the removal/clean up.
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Sophos vs MCafee which is better?


Dear Freinds,

As an expert on this particular domain I would like to provide few points that might add little concerns.

1) When It come to DEFEND, we should not be isolated in protection.

Example,. when a antivirus product is handling malicious activities, it might be good in what it is doing.. But, do you know whether it will be ready to do that task. For Example, due to file corruption or fragmentation issue of a system, AV may not update. Is there is a way you can get to know it. Consider, 100, 1000 of clients system network

AV alone can not handle your security needs, there should be a way to look in to thousands of your clients communication state at glance. It would be better if AV can alert admin regarding  those machines among 1000 of machines in the production, for don't communicate or not ready for defend.

Few products like McAfee at glance you know about it and automatic response can send alerts effectively and efficiently. Believe me its not easy for 100 percent compliance with security state. Also, there are so many clients we maintain over 95%.

Who will support when there is a incident. . I recommend to find a vendor who help you when you need.

So, don't be isolated. Those who forget to renew licensing or did not consider security as critical service to the organization GOD HELP them,because you don't know when you will be in trouble. I strongly recommend to find one guy who was on that boat and get to know about the support you might require when you really in trouble.

Ultimately, Security is not a responsibility of one person,( It is not a responsibility for one  department), of your organization. Stop pushing the responsibility to AV product. It is a exercise you need to perform every day in our life.

Awareness building through out the organization also a key to this…

My suggestion for best AV product is

Your practice with that product


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